Companies that engage in social good think differently and as a result they have more engaged employees and a robust network of partners that believe in their work and mission.

We enable companies and communities to thrive together.


Strategy + Structure

Identify social impact vision and goals and determine the programs needed to support success.

Program Development

Design and implement programs that engage employees, customers and partners while strengthening business and community.

Employee Activation

Develop communication and branding strategies to incite and excite employee participation and engagement.

Metrics + Reporting

Create analytical frameworks to manage and track programs to measure progress, show success, and forecast for the future.

Some of our clients

Rory Ihlamur / Founder

Purpose driven companies perform better. They are more profitable, have more engaged and empowered employees, and a strong network of partners and clients. To compete in today’s marketplace companies need to contribute positively to their communities and provide channels for their employees to give back.

I offer guidance and expertise to build lasting and impactful programs that make your business stronger. With a background in communication and social work, I have experience building social initiatives from the ground up and have done so in-house at Silicon Valley tech companies Marketo (acquired by Vista Equity Partners) and Responsys (acquired by Oracle).

My work spans cause identification, program framework and implementation. I take abstract visions and ideas and make them into clear plans that inspire and unite companies. For more visit LinkedIn.

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